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best mini golf in New Hampshire!

Miniature Golf


Oversized. Beautiful. Challenging.


You've never played a course like Chucksters before. 12,000 square feet of carpet, 1,000 tons of boulders, 4,600 bricks, 9 streams and ponds, and hundreds of plants and trees fit together in a way that'll make you say "WOW, THIS IS AWESOME!" Whether you're five or 85. Rediscover mini golf. It's not just for kids anymore!


$9.50 per round
$5 age 5 and under
Replay at $5 per round (same day only)

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The longest miniature golf hole on the planet! 201 feet of excitement and anticipation, with two different ways to get a hole in one. Check out the video of it to the left...

Hole 13

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